Pagudpud Hotel and Beach Resorts

The main Pagudpud Hotel accommodation is available at Saud Beach in Pagudpud are the various beach front resorts of various classes and standards. The basic details are below and links to further information are provided to help you organize your vacation.  Of course you can stay with us at Tartaruga's Hotel however there are other options. We offer the very best Pagudpud accommodation there is. 

The highest standard Pagudpud hotel and resort in Pagudpud is the luxury SAUD BEACH RESORT which is right on a central strip of the famous white sands of Saud Beach and is probably the leading resort in Pagudpud. The popular POLARIS BEACH HOUSE is also recommended by many, and in a perfect location.  So there are many places to choose from, all levels of comfort, and to suit all budgets and price ranges.    So check out the Pagudpud hotel offerings available in Pagudpud and enjoy your stay.

Pagudpud Hotel - Burayoc Point

Burayoc Point is the small promontory that lies at the southern end of Saud White Cove Beach in Pagudpud and offers many Pagudpud hotel rooms. There are several Pagudpud Hotel and resorts which are located here and include the well known Terra Rika, Rinnovati, Jun & Carol, Apo Idon, Evangeline and Keahana Resort. If you want water sports and diving the natural Pagudpud Hotel choice is the TERRA RIKKA RESORT. Another popular and very stylish Pagudpud Hotel to stay is the APO IDON BEACH RESORT.

The EVANGELINE BEACH RESORT is a well known local Pagudpud hotel establishment and is also popular with many people, so why not give them a call and see what room offerings they have.

Also try the JUN & CAROL BEACH RESORT and also the JOHN RONALD BEACH RESORT and for a vacation place to stay and also the ARINAYA BEACH RESORT is well known destination.

Another place to stay is the BRITANYA LODGE and this is also popular Pagudpud hotel option with travellers.


The basic details below and links to further information are provided to help you organize your vacation in the lovely Maira-ira Point, not quite a Pagudpud hotel locale but close (about 16km). Check out the very stylish Pagudpud Hotel  KAPULUAN VISTA RESORT.   


At Caparispisan are the F&C SUNSET VIEW BEACH RESORT. Also check out DIALAO RESORT and the enchanting and secluded HIDDEN TREASURE BEACH RESORT.   Check out the CASA TERESITA BEACH RESORT.  That rounds off the Pagudpud Hotel information.   When you have looked at the rest we are always here to offer the cleanest rooms, great food and impeccable service at our Pagudpud Hotel.

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