Pagudpud Real Estate for Sale

There is not a lot of Pagudpud real estate for sale and even though some adverts say there is, the land is usually a long way form Pagudpud, so always use caution. Its a really lovely place to live but its out of the way with no McDonalds. Land prices have escalated over the last few years as more people seek to open hotels and homestays. 

Pagudpud Real Estate for Sale

You can look around and sometimes someone puts up a for sale sign up but its not easy to find places for sale so you need patience. Also use a good lawyer as ownership and free title needs to be clear before you hand over money as sometimes land ownership is in a tangled web of claims and competing ownership with families. Buyer should very beware when buying Pagudpud Real Estate.

Pagudpud Real Estate for Sale

There are occasional hotels and resorts for sale. Check out the latest Pagudpud Hotel for Sale here. When looking at buying Pagudpud real estate engage a lawyer once you make a decision, do not hand over money until your lawyer has confirmed that the person has the complete legal ownership of the property. In many cases real estate is tangled up with multiple claims on ownership and it can get very messy and people can get very hostile.

The property must have clear title of ownership and if it doesn't then be very suspicious. As stated do not hand over a single peso until you know who you are dealing with. The tales are many about sales that fall through or people fleeced of money for a property they can actually buy. Also go visit the property and compare it with title documents, make sure what you see and what you are getting are the same thing, sounds crazy I know but again get a good lawyer to assist in the purchase.

Pagudpud is a lovely location, relatively quiet and peaceful, and many would love to live there, but be warned its not got a lot of services such as medical and health support. Also getting food and so on, no big supermarkets and they are in Laoag City. The markets are okay and you can eat well through them, but you will have to do the big shop up in Laoag. You need to be well organised to live in Pagudpud, and running a Pagudpud business or a hotel or restaurant is very challenging so before you buy Pagudpud real estate understand the basics. Buy Pagudpud Real Estate.

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