The Best Philippine Tourist Spots

So many great Philippine Tourist Spots to visit. The Philippines are second-largest archipelago in the world. It has no less than 7,107 coral and palm fringed tropical islands with crystal clear and warm waters and white sand beaches.

The Philippine coast line is actually twice that of the United States. On one side it is the South China Sea and the other is the Pacific Ocean.

This makes it the world’s number one place for relaxing on pristine beaches, or the best place to go diving and snorkeling. You can relax on Boracay or up in Pagudpud Ilocos. You can dive on wrecks or you can swim with whale sharks.

Unlike the rest of Asia it’s not overly crowded with tourists. Why not take you holidays in the Philippines? Do you like surfing Philippines, then head north to Pagudpud, where the big waves roll!

If you want to go somewhere warm in winter then have Christmas in the Philippines at a luxury resort Philippines. There are some really great resorts in Philippines.

The various islands have stunning tropical landscapes from the Banaue Rice Terraces to Bohol and Leyte, up to Vigan and Pagudpud in the north. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots are here.

The Best Philippine Tourist Spots

The beaches in the Philippines are magificent in fact the Philippines is Asia's Beach Capital. Pagudpud was listed as the most beautiful beach in Asia. You can opt for the loud and brash nightlife and crowds and the white sands of Boracay or the peace and uncommercial tranquility of Pagudpud. Other famed beaches are El Nido, Siargao, Honda Bay, camiguin, Panglao, Mactan Island and Pearl Farm

You see a lot of seashell art work in the Philippines and there are more than 12,000 species of shells in the Philippines. The Conus Gloriamaris also known as the Glory of the Sea is the rarest and also the most expensive seashell in the world.

The Tridacna gigas grows to around 1 metre and is the world's largest seashell and the Pisidum at less than 1 mm is the world's smallest seashell and both are found in the warm waters of the Philippine. So many great Philippine Tourist Spots to visit and so little time.

Philippine Tourist Spots

You can experience the noise and chaos that is the capital city of Manila. The region of Metropolitan Manila comprises the cities of Manila, Quezon, Pasay and Caloocan. Actually while Manila looks huge and sprawling, Davao City is three times the size of the national capital.

Where are your favorite Philippine Tourist Spots. There are great holidays in the Philippines, get on a plane now and enjoy Holidays in the Philippines. 

Philippine Tourist Spots

There are great tourist destinations and make sure you take the effort to visit the best Philippines Tourist Spots. The best tourist spots are outside Manila, make sure you visit them and get out of the city as fast as you can.

Philippine Tourist Spots Weather

The climate of the Philippines suits most vacations and these details about the Philippines Climate will help. And for the latest weather information check this useful information about Philippine Weather.

Philippine Tourist Spots Sealife

Not many people realize how diverse the wildlife is in the Philippines, and marine life is no exception. Do you know that there are 500 known coral species and of these some 488 exist and grow in the Philippines.

There are also eight species of marine turtles and five of them are also found in the Philippines and include the Green Turtle; the Hawkbill; the Leatherback; the Olive Ridley and famous Loggerhead turtle. There area eight species of giant clams and seven of these are found in the Philippines.

The Philippines is also home to a large number of the 50 species of seahorse in the world and they abound around the various tropical coral reef areas. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots to swim in.

You can snorkel alongside the majestic plankton-eating whale sharks and these are the largest fish in the world, weighing at 20 tons each and growing to 35 feet. They are known locally as Butanding and are commonly observed at the fishing town of Donsol in Sorsogon province. The marine sanctuary is home to a group of 40 whale sharks. They generally call in to the Philippines between November to May. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots to snorkel in.

Philippine Tourist Spots Fauna

The Philippines also has many unusual and exotic animals. They include the tamaraw and the Palawan bearcat. There is also the Calamian Deer and the world's smallest hoofed mammal, the mouse deer and known as the Pilandok. They also have the flying Lemur and the worlds smallest monkey. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots to look at wildlife.

Philippine Tourist Spots Bird Watching

Did you know that the Philippines eagle is the second largest bird in the world. Only the American Condor. The Philippines is also home to many of the planets most exotic birds. They include endangered species such as the Kalangay or Philippine cockatoo which is a type of parrot. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots to bird watch in.

Philippine Tourist Spots Flora

Do you know what the Philippines national flower is? Its called the Sampaguita. The Philippines has around 800 to a 1,000 species of orchids making it the richest and most diverse place for orchid floras in the world. Philippine orchids are truly stunning, so many varieties and so many colours and shapes. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots to look at flowers in.

Philippine Tourist Spots Languages

The languages of the Philippines are very diverse. Do they speak English there? Say many foreigners. Filipinos were starting to speak English back in the year 1762 by British invaders and not the Americans as popularly believed.

The Philippines are now the world's 3rd largest English-speaking nation after the United States and The United Kingdom. There are also many dialects in the Philippines. The main language is Tagalog or Filipino as its also called.

Do you know that the word boondocks is actually derived from the Philippine Tagalog word of bundok which means mountain. The Philippines is however anything but the boondocks.

Philippine Tourist Spots Food

There are many great and unique foods to taste in the Philippines. Try the many Philippines foods and the many exciting Philippines recipes and the many types of Philippines cuisine. Experience the real taste of food Philippines. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots include the best food. The Best Philippine Tourist Spots to eat great food in.

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