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Pagudpud or Pagudpod as its often called is a perfect place to chill out and relax. Famous for the pristine white sands of Saud Beach and its almost un-commercialized, so it’s perfect for a real getaway, come visit before everyone else finds out! It didn’t get selected as Asia’s best beach for nothing!

As the there are no bars except in the various hotels and resorts, and not many restaurants so most food is eaten within the various resorts and most offer very reasonable food at economical prices. I don't know how many will open post COVID or what they will serve but I will update as soon as I know.

Where to Eat in Pagudpod

There a few economical eateries along the road in Pagudpod but not many and prices are reasonable. The prices vary from cheap to very expensive as are the quality of the meals, with some travel sites slamming some of the restaurants but one bad experience doesn’t mean it’s always so.

Tartaruga's Hotel restaurant in Pagudpod is already very popular, and highly acclaimed in TripAdvisor and they serve simple but tasty food and its an International menu, they serve fast and hot and most importantly its affordable as well. Check out the menu on this website. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner until late.

With the long dry season, the Ilocos Region is ideal for growing fruit crops such as mango, avocado, tamarind, otaheiti gooseberry, jambolan and others. The Carabao mango is considered as one of the best varieties in the world. Trust me that is no empty claim!

There is plenty of fresh seafood to be had everywhere in Pagudpod and fresh lobster is good value. You can buy fresh seafood on the Saud beach front every morning where you can get freshly caught fish, squid and lobsters straight from the banca's. The lobsters are cheap at around 400 pesos per kilo (that’s USD$10 per kg) here in Pagudpod but perhaps that has gone up by now.

C-Jams Eatery

Come and try some good Ilocano home cooking in Pagudpod, that also includes lobster, fresh local fish of the day, right on main road across from Saud Beach Resort entrance, its very good value, tell them John and Jane sent you! They have a small mini store as well with basics including top up cards (Smart and Sun Cellular).

Hannah Lou's Eatery

They serve good Ilocano home cooking (Ruben is a professional cook) that also includes fresh local fish of the day, they are right on the main road across from Saud Beach Resort entrance, tell them John and Jane sent you! They also have a small mini store as well with basics such as noodles, toiletries and more here in Pagudpod.

Saud Beach Resort

They have a great restaurant overlooking the Saud beach with a varied menu. They also offer a buffet in the season which is reasonable in cost. You can also have steamed fish and calamares, fish head sinigang soup, veggies and rice.

Terra Rikka Resort

They serve a reasonable range of local dishes and they say the fried calamares and the green mango shakes are exceedingly good. Always something different in Pagudpod.

Polaris Beach Resort

The food is reportedly good value for money and can serve up to six persons with sinigang priced at about Php 400 and you can order half serves and they also cook very fresh seafoods from Pagudpod.

Apo-Idon - La Helene Restaurant

La Helene is an elegant looking restaurant. They serve danggit for breakfast and other Ilocano dishes such as bagnet, pinakbet, insarabasab. They also serve good pasta with spaghetti in tomato sauce and spaghetti in pesto sauce. The watermelon juice and buko shake is supposedly very nice!

Kapuluan Vista Resort

The Kapuluan menu is varied with a grill section, Baja set meals and local dishes. The chicken Baja tortilla meals are recommended and come with grilled chicken, fresh veggies and baja spiced rice.

Enjoy your Pagudpod food and come back for more.

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