The jewel in the crown of Pagudpud is Saud Beach, with its renowned wonderful fine white sand. The waters of the South China Sea are a magnificent blue and crystal clear all the time.

This is bordered by spectacular multi-coloured corals and iridescent fish.

The beach is lined with over hanging coconut palms, creating a scene from a dream. A popular venue for fashion photo shoots. 

The very best thing is that there are not too many people on the beach.

While people keep comparing it to White Beach on Boracay Island, Saud Beach is simply what Boracay once was, and everything Boracay is not. It is not commercialized.

Come stay with us at Tartaruga's Hotel when visiting, its just 100 metres away

There is no noise, no pollution at Saud Beach! The best of the beaches in the Philippines if not the world.

It is also becoming the best place for surfing in Ilocos and also surfing Philippines when the large Pacific swells roll in.

The lovely Saud Beach

What is Special About Saud Beach?

The pristine Saud Beach is a long curving 2 km arc of pure white sand. The reasons why it was chosen as Asia’s best beach are its pristine condition, rustic appeal, and it’s relative isolation from the tourist crowds.

Come to Tartaruga's Restaurant for lunch or a cold drink when visiting Saud Beach.

The principal quality was that it was untouched by commercialism. This really is one of the Philippines best kept tourism secrets. Ask any one who has visited and they will confirm this fact.

Saud Beach is still a beautiful place, so go there before the big time developers move in! Beat the tour groups! and no beer bars, no girlie bars, no loud clubs, no one shaking you down on the beach to sell you something. That is very hard to find these days almost anywhere in the world. So many places spoiled by mass tourism. But COVID will change that, not nearly so much mass tourism will come to such beautiful places as Saud Beach in Pagudpud. 

Isn't that what a vacation escape is all about? We offer escape, put yourself in a new picture. Its very Instagram friendly on the white sands of Saud Beach.

Take Your Own Images of Saud Beach?

There is a reason why movie producers shoot their films on Saud Beach; why fashion photographers shoot images of their models on Saud Beach, and why foreign travel writers rave about the place. The views are heart stopping, the ambience is unique. We are just so lucky to live here in Saud Beach!

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