Pagudpud Bird Watching

Pagudpud Bird Watching has a few very good options. Across the road from our hotel in Saud Beach Resort lake you can sight the Artic Warbler, Black-naped Oriole, Brown Shrike, Common Kingfisher, Common Moorhen, Common Sandpiper, Great Egret, Little Egret, Low-land White-eye, Northern Shoveler, Pale Thrush, Philippine Bulbul, Philippine Duck, Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker (Philippine Woodpecker), Pied Bushchat, Tufted Duck, White-browed Crake, White-collared Kingfisher (Collared Kingfisher), Yellow Bittern. So many birds to observe and photograph when Pagudpud Bird Watching.

Birding In Brgy. Pancian and Kalbario-Patapat National Park

In Brgy. Pancian and Kalbario-Patapat National Park is not far for Pagudpud Bird Watching enthusiasts, you can possibly sight the Ashy Minivet, Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, Bicolored Flowerpecker, Blue Rock-Thrush, Blue-headed Fantail, Brown-headed Thrush, Coleto, Elegant Tit, Eurasian Kestrel (Common Kestrel), Grey-faced Buzzard, Olive-backed Sunbird, Philippine Coucal, Philippine Fairy-Bluebird, Philippine Falconet, Philippine Trogon, Red-crested Malkoha, Red-keeled Flowerpecker, Rufous Coucal, Rufuos-bellied Eagle, Scale-feathered Malkoha, Tarictic Hornbill (Luzon Hornbill), White Wagtail, White-eared Brown-Dove, Yellow-wattled Bulbul

Pagudpud Bird Watching - Adams

In Adams, if you take a Pagudpud Bird Watching expedition, there have been sightings of 18 bird species that have been reported and the endemic species are the Common Emerald Dove, Green Imperial Pigeon, Turtle Dove, Scops Owl, Rufous Hornbill, Philippine Forest Kingfisher, Coleto, Woodpecker, Hanging Parakeet, Quail, Labuyo or wild chicken, Brahminy Kite, Tarictic Hornbill, Serpent Eagle, Philippine Hawk Eagle, Little Crow; and the introduced species are: Zebra Dove and Crested Myna.

Sightings of the Philippine Eagle in Pagudpud, Adams, and the adjacent town of Kalanasan in Apayao, have been reported by locals when Pagudpud Bird Watching

Pagudpud Bird Watching in the Philippines

There are over 600 bird species in the Philippines of which 200 are endemic and there in fact more endemic avian species per square meter compared to the Amazon. Being well located in the East Asian Flyway of migratory birds, the Philippines is an important destination for many species, with many on the list of threatened species, like the Chinese Egret and Asian Dowitcher, so well worth a Pagudpud Bird Watching tour.

There are some many notable birdwatching sites in the Philippines that include Candaba Marsh in Pampanga, the Olango Island Sanctuary in Cebu, the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao, the Bangrin Marine Protected Area in Pangasinan, the Hundred Islands National Park, Subterranean River National Park in Puerto Princesa, and Rasa Island in Palawan. We have many species to observe when Pagudpud Bird Watching

The 13 best rated bird watching sites in the Philippines are:

  1. Bangrin Marine Protected Area (Bani, Pangasinan)
  2. Puerto Princesa City’s Subterranean River National Park
  3. Rasa Island (Narra, Palawan)
  4. Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  5. Balanga City, Bataan
  6. Candaba Marsh (Pampanga)
  7. Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat
  8. Mt. Palay – Palay National Park (Ternate, Cavite)
  9. Villa Escudero (Tiaong, Quezon)
  10. Alcoy Forest (Cebu)
  11. Olongapo Island Wildlife Sanctuary (Lapu-lapu City)
  12. Philippine Eagle Center (Davao City)
  13. Hundred Islands Park in Alaminos City

Enjoy Bird Pagudpud Bird Watching.

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