The Weather in Philippines


You can enjoy the Philippines most anytime however don’t choose to travel there on what is called Holy Week, that is the Easter period, as the hotels at resorts and top destinations will be booked out many months in advance and the prices and room rates can triple. The same occurs in some places such as Boracay at New Year

Weather in the Philippines can be a problem in some areas for the typhoon season, which runs from around June through to December, and there are also lesser strength but still disruptive tropical storms on the east coast that spell wet and miserable weather for several days at a time

Weather in Philippines

The period January through to May is the best weather period to virtually all of the Philippines and of course that is the high tourist season as well. The peak foreign arrivals are in the period January to March

Filipinos really hit the vacation road in large quantities in the period April and May for the annual summer vacations, but don’t worry with exception fo some big beach resort areas there are not huge crowds anywhere

The low season is the rainy month period that runs from June through to September, but not all places are suffering this, and if some rain doesn’t cramp your style you can usually get your accommodation for nearly 50% discount, so weather has some advantages

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