Stay at Rafols Homestay in Pagudpud

Rafols Homestay is located virtually opposite the Municipal Beach Park entrance to the white sands of Saud Beach, with a short walk of just 40 metres. How close can you get to taking your shoes off and getting sand between your toes, and feeling the water around your feet, the ultimate switch off and way to forget lockdowns and pandemics and all those annoying events. While you are on the beach you might even get a chance to buy some fresh fish off the banca's.  

They offer three very comfortable rooms, two of the rooms are air conditioned and one has a ceiling fan.

The air conditioned rooms can accommodate 5-6 person and the room with the ceiling fan will take five persons.

The rooms are well equipped with refrigerator, CD player, and there are four showers and kitchen. So that sounds good. 

Stay at Rafols Homestay in Pagudpud

You can contact them for a pickup at the town or find your own way there. No room at this hotel and fully booked? Then why not try Tartaruga's Hotel 100 metres up the road and come stay with us if they cant look after you, and if you do get to stay there we are always open for coffee, snacks and meals to help you get through another day in paradise.

An increasing number of foreign tourists are now becoming greatly interested in the area as news of the Philippines best kept tourism secret leaks out. One of Australia's most respected and eminent international travel writers graded Saud Beach as Number 1 on the list of the Top Ten best Asian Beaches. best to uncover Pagudpud before all the other tourists find out.

Because Pagudpud is so uncommercialized there are limited places to stay and you need to book well ahead. Be warned well established accommodation will be booked out very fast indeed once the dreaded Covid restrictions are finally lifted.

The best part about Pagudpud is the delightful and friendly people, you do get true Ilocano hospitality and friendliness, not only the best beach in Asia but the friendliest place in Asia.

Ilocos Norte is synonymous with balmy tropical sunshine, cobalt blue skies; the most stunning aquamarine blue and crystal clear water and sparkling white sands of the famous Saud Beach. Does it sound too good to be true? It really is that attractive! 

Click on this link to find out more about Pagudpud and all you need to know about a stay at Rafols Homestay in Pagudpud.

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