The Pagudpud Yacht Club Restaurant

Visit the Pagudpud Yacht Club. Come and enjoy an ice cold drink at the smallest yacht club in the world, and possibly we are the only yacht club without a yacht or boat, and about 50 metres from the sea! We are happy to talk sailing and yachting of course and one day soon we will get some boats! I have been sailing all my life on dingies to racing and cruising yachts, now I own my own yacht club and all boaties are welcome. Visit fishing and boats for more on boating and sailing and fishing.


We serve very good quality western food often with a Philippine or Ilocano twist. We know you like consistent and high quality food, that is hot and fast, and affordable and so that is what we will serve. There is a reason why our hotel and restaurant are rated No.1 with TripAdvisor, good food and great accommodation. 

Breakfast - 06.00 to 08.30 Even earlier by special arrangement, even if its 3 am we serve our hotel guests for an early start on the road.

Simple breakfasts including eggs, rice, longanisa are available along with 3 in 1 coffee or why not order our really good coffee from our Italian Espresso machine. Did I tell you we make really great coffee using premium coffee beans, and where possible great Philippine coffee beans.  Did you know the Philippines were once of the largest coffee producers?

Lunch - 12.00 to 14.30

Dinner - 17.30 to 21.00

Our menu includes the following all from fresh local produce and ingredients. We don't cook frozen commercial foods, we cook from scratch every time, so you get great quality food. 

Fresh Fish Catch of the Day straight from the local fishermen, sometimes very fresh sashimi when we can get fresh tuna and Mahi Mahi or other suitable fish.

For chicken lovers there is our range of chicken meals, including our great Korean Fried Chicken and also try our hot and spicy! Of course we offer french fries as well.

For pork lovers we will be serving really great BBQ Pork Belly and other pork dishes.

For desserts, there are a range of sweet and tempting options, such as Belgian style waffles and French crepes.


We serve very cold San Miguel beer in chilled glasses. San Miguel Pale Pilsen. San Miguel Light etc so enjoy sundowners at the Pagudpud Yacht Club.

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