Restaurants for the Laoag Gourmet


One of the best Restaurants for the Laoag Gourmet are Saramsam.

Location N. Corpuz Building, Barangay 7-A on J.P.Rizal Street Telephone (0917) 570-2110

The Laoag gourmet will love the great versions of Ilocano favorites Pinakbet, Dinakdakan, and Higado. The signature dishes include Bagnet, the wonderful Pasta Saramsam and Pinoy Puttanesca.

The restaurant has a cozy, relaxing, and casual ambiance. Customers can find many delightful Filipino delicacies and other in-house specialties.

Saramsam serves classic Ilocano fare and an array of light yet delectable traditional Ilocano appetizers.


The restaurant also serves a variety of pasta, both traditional as in the classic Bolognese and Carbonara, to avant-garde “fusion” concoctions as Pinoy Puttanesca and Pasta Saramsam.

The restaurant does not limit itself to the traditional. Owner Sammy Blas, who gained fame for his innovative and delicious concoctions that include the now classic “pinakbet pizza” at the Herencia Cafe in Paoay, also serves pasta, and avant-garde- fusion creations, blends of the East and West as in Pasta Saramsam (spaghetti with shrimps, cilantro, green and red peppers, fresh tomatoes, onion, mango slices, with olive oil and grated parmesan cheese).

A favorite is the Meatballs ala Mexicana - spaghetti with lean ground beef meatballs flavored with cumin and grilled chili in tomato sauce.

Try also the delicious variation of the classic carbonara dish- Carbonara with tirem (oysters). All the delicious dishes served are flavored with home-grown fresh herbs. Top it all with a glass of bottomless Baraniw, wild basil iced tea.


The renowned gourmand and restauranteur Sammy Blas of the above Saramsam fame and creator of the “poquepoque” pizza has a new place.

Kamarin serves delicious pastries, great coffee and beverages are liberally flavored with muscovado sugar or honey. I am told that you should try the maja blanca blueberry.

They sell delicious native delicacies that include pulitipot, muscovado sugar, organic honey, ginisang alamang, Claude Tayag’s famed Xtra Ordinary chili sauce, and the original naturally fermented sukang iloko.

Kamarin has a unique ambience and offers an eclectic collection of heirlooms and handcrafted items that include buri bags, traditional abel cloth products, intricate crocheted designs or ginanchillo, brass antique lamps or gasera and more more.

Location On Gen. Segundo Avenue (Bacarra Road) corner Castro Avenue, Bgy.13, Laoag City, beside the Divine Word College of Laoag. Telephone (077)-771-5265


Location J.P.Rizal Street

This great Laoag Gourmet restaurant has signature dishes include Bagnet, Pinakbet and Pansit Molo. Other popular dishes also include the Crispy Chicken, Patatim and Poqui-Poqui. They serve the best carrot cake. The Blueberry Cheesecake is also an absolute winner and so is the Hazelnut Mocha Frappe.

Restaurant owner Pamela Aragoza worked within the framework of an Ilocano food gathering for her dining place named in honor of her mother Preciosa.

La Preciosa pioneered fine-dining restaurant in the North beginning in the 1950s when the family matriarch Severa Ablan Ventura opened the Modern Kitchenette in downtown Laoag to Ilocanos looking for regular home-cooked food prepared differently.

She later passed her skill for practical cooking to Preciosa who soon opened her own restaurant which she named as Peppermint Kitchenette offering a mix of colonial, Filipino and Ilocano cuisines.

Preciosa’s daughter Pamela later continued the tradition of home-cooking through her own dining place.

Telephone +63 77 773 1162 Website Email


J.P.Rizal Street, across from the La Eliana Hotel

The Laoag Gourmet restaurant has a covered nipa hut dining area to dine al-fresco, and there is the outdoor area where the tables are set amidst a Japanese inspired garden

Try out the sisig cooked the Pampanga way, pork ears sautéed with lots of onions and a dash of vinegar. The house specialty is pinaputok na tilapia which are fresh tilapia wrapped in foil and steamed to tender perfection.

Also tempting is the spicy pepper steak, comprising tender, marinated tenderloin tips served with sliced green peppers on a sizzling plate. Also worth eating is the Batangas-style bulalo and crispy pata, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

Also there is the pinakbet cooked the Pampanga way. Appetizers include tokwa't baboy. The Ravanden signature dishes include Kare-Kare, Tokwa’t Baboy and the Beef Pepper. Other restaurant specialties are the Sisig, Bulalo, and Pinaputok na Tilapia. Other popular dishes are the Chopsuey, Sizzling Chicken with Gravy and Fish Steak. 

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