Kalbario Patapat National Park

Go visit Kalbario Patapat National Park if you want to get off the beaten track and perhaps go on an extreme mountain bike adventure in Adams by travelling the Pansian-Adams-Pasaleng route.  There is nothing like getting yourself off the beaten track and going somewhere different and this is just that.  You will probably not allow enough time to see it all so best stay an extra day.

You get to enjoy nature and absolutely beautiful scenery such as the Baset Hanging Bridge, the crystal clear Bulo River, the very rustic Sitio Sinidangan, the Kiwat Falls, and then for good measure survive the adrenalin rush of the downhill ride along the slippery rocks of the Badjang Trail. The park was established in 2007 and covers around 36 sq km and is just wonderful place to visit.

Birdwatching in Kalbario Patapat National Park

This is a great birding location and you can see the following species during your trip into the National park. 

Flame-breasted Fruit-dove, Spotted Imperial-pigeon, Philippine Eagle-owl, Whiskered Pitta, Green-faced Parrotfinch, Yellow Bunting, Tanguile, Mayapis, White Lauan, Owl, Eagle, Hornbill, Wild Boar Monkey, Woodpecker, Spotted Buttonquail, Short-crested Monarch, Scale-feathered Malkoha, Rufous Coucal, Red-crested Malkoha, Blackish Cuckoo-Shrike, Blue-breasted Flycatcher, Golden-crowned Babbler, Green-faced Parrotfinched, Luzon Bleeding-heart, Luzon Hornbill, Luzon Scops-owl, Philippine Eagle-owl and Rabor Wren-babbler. So if ornithology is your obsession then the challenges are here to spot and record uncommon species. 

Where is Kalbario Patapat National Park

The park is situated within the Barangays of Pansian, Pasaleng and Balaoi, in the Municipality of Pagudpud and Sitio Maligligay, Barangay Adams, Municipality of Adams, Ilocos Norte. 

The best time to go is the dry season from 1st November through to end of April and maybe into May or June.

The Kalbario-Patapat National Park is located on Pasaleng Bay, about 72 km north-west of Laoag City and 185 km west of Aparri. It is accessible to all types of vehicles along the winding concreted national highway of Ilocos Norte. The nearest towns are Adams and Pagudpud and staying at Tartaruga's is a good option before and after your journey.

You can also choose to stay at the many resorts, homestays and so on in Pagudpud and Saud Beach.

Climate & Weather conditions – The temperature range is from 25 C to 29.5 C

The rainfall yearly average is 2067 cm (82 inches or just under 7 feet!) The wet season really is very wet.

The altitude is a temperate 1294 meters.

Click on this link to find out more about Pagudpud. All About Ilocos Norte Vacations and all you need to know.  Kalbario Patapat National Park

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