Evangeline Beach Resort

Evangeline Beach Resort

This beach resort is perfectly located at Saud Ivory Beach Cove in Burayoc Point, Pagudpud. They offer a mixture of economy and premium accommodation along with excellent service and amenities right on the beach front.

Evangeline Resort comprises five cottages which are named the Angela's cottage, the Lani's cottage, the Emohruo's cottage, the Ella's Cottage, and the Anna’s Cottage along with a wonderful scenic beach front restaurant and an open air bamboo billiard hall near the resort entrance. What more do you want?  

Like many local Pagudpud resorts they also offer breath taking sea views and also are they well known for good service and great Ilocano hospitality, which is why you come here isn't it?

Evangeline Beach Resort

The detached cottages cater for various requirements and all fully air-conditioned rooms with a bathroom in each.  They are tastefuly decorated and very comfortable indeed.

Angela's cottage

This is a European style cottage that is located about 50 meters back from the beach. It comprises four fully air-conditioned rooms, each room having 2 double beds and a bathroom. The cottage also has a very spacious veranda that can hold up to 50 people for private parties which is a great feature for functions or mini-conventions.

Lani’s cottage

This is a large 7 room cottage with air conditioning, 2 double beds, bathrooms and wide common veranda for enjoying the outdoors.

Emohruo cottage

This is a fully furnished Cottage with 2 air conditioned rooms, a kitchen, and a living room with satellite TV and 2 bathrooms.

Ella’s Cottage

This a large European style building located about 50 meters from the beach. It comprises 5 fully air-conditioned rooms with two double beds and a bathroom each room. A veranda is on the second floor and great for enjoying the sea breezes.

Anna’s Cottage

This is a premium quality fully furnished cottage with air conditioning, and has two double beds, cable TV, a kitchen and a verandah

How to Contact Evangeline Resort

For more information, Inquiries and Reservations look them up on Google. You can also book your stay with them in advance and verify the availability of the rooms and packages by booking online.

Evangeline Beach Resort

Saud Beach Cove, Burayoc Point,

Pagudpud Ilocos Norte, 2919

No room at this hotel and they are fully booked? Then why not try TARTARUGA'S and come stay with us if they cannot accommodate you or your group.

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