Cathys Homestay in Pagudpud

Cathys Homestay, now a DOT accredited Pension House is one of the most well known and most popular homestay places in Pagudpud and there is a steady stream of people who have only good things to say. She offers true Ilocano and Pagudpud hospitality to her guests. Her hospitality is a big reason why she is always a much sought after place to stay, if you want friendly homestay then stay here.

Its easy to see why, as she offers good service and clean accommodation at very affordable and economical rates and its as close as you need to be at Asia's best beach at Saud Beach in Pagudpud.

The Saud Beach and Pagudpud village is located to the northwards of Bangui and its now noted windmills and inland lies the monumental and daunting Cordillera Mountain Range. This is the largest mountain range in the Philippines. Over the other side of the mountain range lies the province of Cagayan. To the North and the West are the inviting waters of the South China Sea.

International tourists are now becoming enormously interested and recently one of Australia's most respected and influential foreign travel writers graded Saud Beach as Number 1 on the list of the Top Ten best Asian Beaches. uncover Pagudpud before the tourists find out.

Cathys Homestay in Pagudpud

Pagudpud is located amongst leafy green mountains, luxuriant valleys, rolling hills and flat coastal plains. The 20,000 folks who inhabit in Pagudpud and the surrounding area subsist on rice agriculture, all-purpose agriculture, fishing, and the fresh fish and lobsters are delicious and low-cost here and more recently tourism is growing.

The most fantastic element about Pagudpud is the wonderful inhabitants, get true Ilocano hospitality and friendliness, not only the most amazing beach in Asia but the friendliest place in Asia.

Cathy's Homestay (Pension House) is close to the beach at Saud Beach resort and has a veriety of accommodation option 1 king sized bed and 2 queen sized beds and can accommodate up to 6 persons.

The room has a bathroom and air conditioning and a home cooked breakfast is included.

Lower rates are negotiable during off peak periods.

Local Pagudpud tours can also be arranged at a reasonable price and she is very helpful to all visitors

You will get absolutely great service and hospitality at this Pagudpud homestay.

Click on this link to find out more about Cathys Homestay and Pagudpud.

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