Visit Bangui Markets


Now Bangui is famous for its giant wind mills producing all that sustainable energy however while in the Bangui area you should drop in at the Bangui Municipal Market, as its  really good and lots of yummy things to buy.

Where is Bangui? It's near to Pagudpud. The sleepy rural coastal district of Bangui is situated on the most Northern extremity of Luzon, in the Philippines and is about 50 miles up the sea-coast from Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte province.

The village is located to the south of Pagudpud and its now famed windmills and inland lies the monumental Cordillera Mountain Range, the largest mountain range in the Philippines. across the other side of the mountain range lies the province of Cagayan. To the North and the West are the inviting waters of the South China Sea.

Visit Bangui Markets

Pagudpud is situated amidst lush emerald mountains, rich valleys, rolling hills and flat coastal plains. The 20,000 people who dwell in Pagudpud and the surrounding region subsist on rice agriculture, common farming, fishing, and the fresh fish and lobsters are scrumptious and not expensive here and more recently tourism is growing.

Ilocos Norte is synonymous with warm tropical sunshine, cobalt blue skies; the most fine-looking turquoise blue and crystal clear water and sparkling white sands. Does it sound too good to be true? It truly is that stunning!

The market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

I always refresh myself with a fresh coconut and buy heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables, but so many other things.

Markets are really great, it is about the noise, and about the wide range of smells, and the color, and most of all it is all about the people and characters who make the market breath, and it says a lot about a local area, vibrant markets mean vibrant communities.

Make sure you go see my sister-in-law Nellie who sells eggs and dried fish.

Visit Bangui-Markets


There are most things you would want including fresh seafood with live lobsters often available at really great and cheap prices.

Pagudpud Hotels and Tartaruga's Hotel


They also have llonganisa and fresh pork, chicken and a lot more.

Pagudpud Hotels and Tartaruga's Hotel

Visit Bangui Markets


They have a large range of fresh fruits and vegetables


They also have tobacco leaves and these ladies will be happy to help you select some good leaves. 


While there you can visit my sister-in-law Nellie who sells fresh eggs and also dried fish and say Jane and John sent you.

So yet another enjoyable destination around Pagudpud, Make sure you visit Bangui Markets.

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Pagudpud Hotels and Tartaruga's Hotel
Pagudpud and Saud Beach, the best of Pagudpud Ilocos
Pagudpud Hotels and Tartaruga's Hotel
Pagudpud and Saud Beach, the best of Pagudpud Ilocos