Visit Agua Grande

The Agua Grande River (also known in Ilocano as dakkel a danum) is known for its eco-friendly and non carbon producing mini-hydro electric power plant.

This was commissioned in 1983 and has been providing a renewable and alternative power supply to the consumers of Pagudpud, Bangui, Dumalneg, Adams and Burgos. The Agua Grande and Mabogabog falls supply the water power to turn the Agua-Grande turbines.

The Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative has commissioned a study on the The Agua-Grande River hydro plant along with one another.

The plants were constructed during the Marcos years and has a power generation capacity of 4.5 megawatt, which can supply electric power to some 17,000 households in Pagudpud and nearby villages in Pasuquin and Bacarra.

Come to Agua Grande

The actual Agua Grande power production is a very small .1 mw (100 kilowatts), which supplies some 9,000 households in Pagudpud. This lower power output is produced as only 2 of the original 5 turbines are running. But still that is reducing emissions and the amount of carbon being let go into our polluted atmosphere.

The plan is to see the remaining Agua Grande turbines overhauled or larger water feeds constructed to maximize output however this is entirely dependent on water flows.

The new plant in Pancian and Pasaleng rivers is not yet completed. The projects require a large amount of money to complete.

Come to Agua Grande River Park

The Agua Grande River Park is a very attractive mix of waterfall, and stony creek falling to the sea, and gray sand and pebble beach. The park is situated about 1 kilometer after the Patapat viaduct. This is fed by waters that spill over from the Mogabog Falls.

To swim in Agua Grande is about a cheap and refreshing thrill as it comes at only 20 pesos per person, and the choice is the mini waterfall or the spring fed rockpool or the stream itself, and of course the beach. Take care though as the pebbles can be sharp and slippery under foot. You can choose to swim in either fresh water or saltwater.

Note that it’s literally meters away to Paraiso ni Anton and its miraculous water.

Don’t forget to buy a refreshing halo-halo (the local delicacy that is a delicious mixture of mixed nuts, fruits with crushed ice and milk) that costs a very cheap 15 to 20 pesos.

Also nearby is a tree with the image of Jesus Christ on the cross engraved and is actually a part of the tree.

If you cross the road, you can look upwards and see a grotto of the Virgin Mary where the old road was previously located. Enjoy your Pagudpud Tour and be sure to visit Agua Grande.

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