Pagudpud Hotel Gallery

As our Pagudpud Hotel Gallery shows we get a lot of international tourists who are today becoming greatly interested in Pagudpud and recently one of Australia's most well-thought-of and important foreign travel writers graded Saud Beach as Number 1 on the list of the Top Ten best Asian Beaches. Discover Pagudpud before the tourists find out. Many have chosen to stay with us at Tartaruga's Hotel. They come from the Philippines, Canada, France, England, America, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea to name just a few. Once COVID is over we so look forward to looking after all the travellers from around the planet, hearing your stories and helping you recover and get back to normal.

Where is Pagudpud? Pagudpud or Pagudpod as its at times called is gorgeous one day and perfect the very next. The local region comprises really exquisite and almost deserted beaches, outstanding waterfalls, sensational picturesque vistas, and a real genuine get away from the rat race feeling. It is no wonder that so many movies and television commercials are filmed here. Why not consider a beach without too many tourists, no noisy jet skis, no strip of bars and not even a McDonalds restaurant! There is Tartaruga's Pagudpud Yacht Club Restaurant though. Smallest yacht club in the world, not even got any yachts, and 100 metres from the South China Sea.

This is our Pagudpud Hotel Gallery with some of our happy guests.

Our Korean Guests

Our Korean guests loved our freshly made kimchi, made just like they do in Korea. Annyong hasseyo!

Pagudpud Hotel Gallery Philippine Guests

Our guests enjoyed our mixed Western, Asian and Ilocano menu, with something for everyone to enjoy. Pasta is a big winner among guests and outside diners as well, affordable, home cooked and not out of a bottle.

Pagudpud Hotel Gallery Overseas Guests

Our good western menu has everything from Southern Fried chicken, genuine Indian chicken curry, good pasta all washed down with ice cold beer. We even do Outback Steakhouse style coconut shrimp and some good fish dishes. Top it off with French Crepes or Belgian waffles for dessert and some of our really great coffee and everyone goes home contented.

Join our happy Pagudpud Hotel Gallery and come to Tartaruga's Hotel for some great hospitality, great food and a good time. Because Pagudpud is so uncommercialized there are limited places to stay and you need to book well ahead. Tartaruga's is very popular for great rooms, great service and excellent food.

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