Pagudpud Agua Seda  - A Great Beach Resort

The Agua Seda Beach resort is located at Maira-ira Point right on the beach and the resort is next to Hannah's Beach Resort

It is very economical for those on a budget and previous guests say they got great service and good local hospitality

You can also get meals cooked and they can cater for larger groups.

Contact Agua Seda Beach Resort at the following numbers

Letty Gardiva

Cell Phone 09209699166

YM id:


The sleepy rural coastal village of Pagudpud is situated on the most Northern point of Luzon, in the Philippines and is about 50 miles up the seashore from Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte province. It is also in the region of 350 miles north of Manila, you could drive, catch a bus or take a flight to Laoag City.

International tourists are nowadays becoming very interested and recently one of Australia's most well-thought-of and eminent international travel writers ranked Saud Beach as Number 1 on the list of the Top Ten best Asian Beaches. discover Pagudpud before the tourists find out.


The local region comprises genuinely exquisite and almost deserted beaches, spectacular waterfalls, sensational scenic vistas, and a real genuine get away from the rat race feeling. It is no wonder that so many movies and television commercials are filmed nearby. envisage a beach without too many tourists, no noisy jet skis, no strip of bars and not even a McDonalds restaurant!

Pagudpud is situated amidst verdant emerald mountains, luxuriant valleys, rolling hills and flat coastal plains. The 20,000 people who dwell in Pagudpud and the surrounding area subsist on rice agriculture, general farming, fishing, and the fresh fish and lobsters are delectable and low-cost here and more latterly tourism is growing.

Because Pagudpud is so uncommercialized there are limited places to stay and you need to book well ahead.

The best element about Pagudpud is the excellent inhabitants, get unfeigned Ilocano hospitality and friendliness, not only the most outstanding beach in Asia but the friendliest place in Asia. Pagudpud Agua Seda

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Pagudpud Hotels and Tartaruga's Hotel
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Pagudpud Hotels and Tartaruga's Hotel
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